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Design Concept: Metonymy  (mi-ton-uh-mee)

A figure of speech consisting of the use of the name of one thing for that of another of which it is an attribute or with which it is associated.

Detroit has been known by many names including: Motown, Paris of the Midwest and the Automotive Capitol. In this case: A Tranquil Urban Environment. Walking along a city street, a passerby may hear the subtle sound of voices around a corner. Upon further investigation the passerby makes a discovery of an unexpected gathering of friends in an unsuspecting place. On a rooftop, in an alley or in and old courtyard Detroit is the backdrop for a plethora of magical experiences.

Here we capture this experience. IN the back ground is the Belle Isle Conservatory with dramatic, silver-lined clouds setting the mood. A wooden pergola transports guests to a mystical, secret alcove. The grounded, earthiness of the wooden elements are in juxtaposition with the iridescent flutter of drapes. The patina' d chandelier emulates the moody sky, while the whimsical ornaments dance, as clouds into space. The low-lying floral elements are interacting with the environment rather than simply being placed in it.

Anyone who come here becomes a part of this place, and hence, it forever becomes a part of them. This is Detroit: A Tranquil Urban Environment