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In my collaboration with Incwell, I have been given the opportunity to raise awareness of Tayco Workwell and Sandra Stacey Design LLC. With my commercial furniture and design background I'm able to successfully marry the relationship between Tayco Workwell and Sandra Stacey Design LLC, as I am the exclusive representative for Tayco Workwell in the state of Michigan.

My objective is to provide affordable, well crafted, thoughtful spaces, while my motive is to bring quality and affordability back to the office furniture industry. Tayco Workwell, being a company of over 35 years has not had a strong presence in Michigan. My goal is to help raise awareness and grow furniture sales for both companies in this market. We exist because the market drives a budget conscious customer. I aim to fit that need with my over 18 years of commercial furniture and design industry experience to draw upon. When you work with Sandra Stacey Design you are in touch with my enthusiasm and desire to help.

I am grateful for the platform Tom Lasorda has given Sandra Stacey Design LLC, to use Incwell, as a Tayco showroom in Birmingham, Michigan. I look forward to our continued business relationship and success!

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